Leadership Short: Superman Lifting Weights

Superman Lifting Weights by John Miller

Here’s a story I love about how to grow as a leader: A pastor I highly respect mapped out, on a podcast, how he was growing as a leader.  I thought How can he grow as a leader? He’s already the best!  My bookshelves are peppered with heavily highlighted copies of teacher’s leadership material.  If I got to his level of influence, I’d be at the pinnacle of my career.  Nowhere to go but down, right?  Instead, this pastor openly verbalized his desire to grow. 

It’s like Superman lifting weights. 

How much can Superman Lift?

Superman is a stalwart.  Google “How much can superman lift” and you’ll find some feisty debates.  The amounts in pounds are estimated in the quintillions.  When this top leader talked about growing, Superman was discussing his weightlifting regimen.

Superman doesn’t need to lift weights, he’s already the strongest.

But leaders, no matter their capacity, need to keep growing. Do you know what happens when you stop growing?  You start dying.

Read whatever “Business Leadership 101 for Simpletons” book you want and they’ll cite company after company who didn’t change with the times, who neglected innovation, who didn’t measure the climate of their changing culture and were left behind.  They became obsolete, a relic, an afterthought, a “remember when we used to go there?” story. The question isn’t if we can grow, it’s how to grow as a leader.   When Superman starts sharing his weightlifting secrets, I’m grabbing a pen and paper and writing furiously! 

No matter how good we get at something, we can never be perfect. 

We’ll never be flawless.

We’ll always have room for growth. 

Even when we feel like Superman, we still should keep lifting weights. 


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